Aside from frequent practice, a suitable curriculum also plays a crucial part in learning English. IDEAL understands that a well made curriculum will significantly increase the speed and boost the efficiency of the English learning process for students. Therefore, IDEAL recruits highly experienced curriculum developers to develop the curriculums and match them with text books that will answer the needs of our students.

On top of that, IDEAL is always moving forward by developing and introducing new Programs to the community. We currently offer the following programs in our partnership schools:
  1. Active Communication in English (ACE) - IDEAL ACE Program concentrates on speaking and listening using a fun, activity based approach. ACE incorporates visual aids, activities, real life scenario conversation role playing, songs and games to make it a fun learning process for students. The goal of ACE is to build the confidence of our students in speaking English. Students will learn about the sub-skill of speaking ‘pronunciation’. Our goal is to ensure students can not only understand, but also be understood when speaking English.
  2. Intensive Program (IP) - IDEAL Intensive English program adopts an integrated-skills approach with speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar components. Students will study with a foreign teacher for fifty minutes per day for five periods per week. IDEAL IP incorporates Phonics teaching, to ensure students learn the relationship between letters and sounds. IDEAL IP makes sure that students develop strong English communication skills and reach a level of English fluency using the correct grammar and pronunciation. In addition, IP students will be prepared to take a Cambridge English Language Assessment Test, which is globally backed, accepted and recognized English Language Assessment examination.
  3. English Program (EP) - The core subjects on an English Program are taught using English language as a medium. These core subjects are designated by the Ministry of Education of Thailand.
    • Kindergarten Level: Math and English are taught in English.
    • Primary Level: Math, Science, English, and Physical Education are taught in English
    • Secondary Level: Math, Science (including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), English, and Computer are taught in English.
IDEAL English Academy would also like to welcome International students to apply for our English Program.