IDEAL English Academy was established when ELT Phuket International was founded in 1994 by Ms. Noocharee Boonparotkura, in partnership with ELT International.

Ms. Boonparotkura had an interesting and distinguished career. She graduated from the University of Manila with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting. Shortly after graduating, she worked in the Tax Division of the Nakhon Ratchasima Province for six months. For the seventeen years that followed, Ms. Boonparotkura worked at the Civil Service Commission of Thailand. During her tenure, one of the many areas she personally showed interest was overseas student affairs. Ms. Boonparotkura then moved on to the administration team of Dulwich International School for one and a half years, before finally deciding in 1994 that she would establish her own school – ELT Phuket International.

ELT Phuket International, based in Phuket, was the first branch of the organization to enter the English language teaching industry in Thailand. Another center was opened in Nonthaburi soon after, in October 1997, following the rapid success of the Phuket center. It was later decided that a location closer to the central area of Bangkok would be more suitable to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for English Language teaching in Bangkok, eventually Nonthaburi center was relocated to Lat Phrao in January 2000. The change in location brought with it a change in name and an amicable separation from ELT International, to become a self-sustaining entity – IDEAL English Academy was born. A new functional Head Office and classrooms was constructed in Nonthaburi – Rattanathibeth in 2010.

In Bangkok, IDEAL English Academy provides the curriculum and teachers for the English language programs at Sacred Heart Convent School, a prominent K-12 private Catholic school in the Klong Toey District of Bangkok. IDEAL is also actively involved with another Sacred Heart school – Praharuthai Don Meuang School.

IDEAL English Academy’s sister institution, ELT Phuket International, works in conjunction with the rapidly growing tourism industry in Phuket by providing English language training to staff in internationally renowned local hotels. Moreover, ELT Phuket International serves the English language teaching requirements of Busabong Kindergarten and several local government schools. The language center runs a thriving English program, which is extremely popular among the local community.

IDEAL English Academy and ELT Phuket International are widely recognized for offering English program of high quality due to their:

IDEAL English Academy chartered to become a well-renowned and well-respected language school in The Kingdom of Thailand, providing English language education to people of all ages. This charter has been achieved with considerable success, which includes assisting teachers with training and development programs, business skills development seminars, and overseas placement services for students is one of the important aspect of IDEAL’s success. It is upon the foundation of this success that IDEAL English Academy continues to attain the high level of accomplishments in the upcoming market.

IDEAL have also entered into Professional  Development for teachers. We are an accredited provider of Cambridge University's PDQs - Professional Development Qualifications, and we are currently the only such provider in Thailand. Our mission is to provide contemporary, professional development for our own teaching staff as well as teachers from all around the world. Our main focus is sustained teacher education, with emphasis on the principles and practices of teaching for 21st century learners.


In a decade, IDEAL will play a leading role in transforming the face of Thai education, through exceptional programs, partnerships, technology, and innovations. 

IDEAL believes in all members for their value and potential, and aims to create a transparent family like working environment where members can be themselves and work with full creativity to deliver the best education for our students and their communities.


Our mission is to provide excellent and innovative learning styles for our students to ensure they can grow up to be  valuable assets to our nation, prepared for the ever growing opportunities from globalisation and harness outstanding academic skills together with moral and superior life skills.


  • Create and sustain a transparent family like working environment that promotes creative activities and better teaching for our students and communities.
  • Integrate technology, creativity, and innovation that facilitates the best learning experience.
  • Produce the best and most well equipped graduates, ready to grow up as valuable assets to our nation and peruse a successful career.

Teaching Philosophy

We believe that the best way to learn is learning by doing. Therefore, inquiry based learning and project based learning is our primary teaching methodology. IDEAL teachers integrates variety of teaching methods and innovations to guide their students to obtain their best results, rather than take the students to the results. Our task is to help the students discover and develop their strengths, along with realizing and overcoming their weaknesses, not only from in-class education but in addition from quality extra curricula outside of classroom activities.